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American Bittern

Botaurus lentiginosus

This heron species is more often heard than seen, but its strange call has earned it the nickname "thunder pumper." When alarmed, the well-camouflaged American Bittern sticks its long neck and bill straight up and sways in the wind to mimic the marshy reeds of its habitat. Hear their call on BirdWeb!

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Toppenish Creek/Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge

Columbia Plateau

Toppenish consists of brushy creek bottoms, wet meadows, sagebrush, and croplands spread over 27 miles of the Yakima Valley -- a valuable resting and feeding area for up to 30,000 migrating waterfowl. You may glimpse one of the many species of birds that breed here, including Loggerhead Shrike, Lazuli Bunting, Common Nighthawk, Gray Catbird, and Long-billed Curlew.

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